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Carrie Ann is out of control. She admits that she loves to have guys cum in her pussy -- without using any birth control! She says she needs the risk of pregnancy to orgasm!!

Vanessa Vidal’s Anal Insemination

There’s something about this milf that really does it for me. Don’t know exactly what it is, she’s just a very real mommy like figure that gets my dick rock hard every time I see her. Vanessa Vidal is a forty-something cougar milf who is very naughty. She likes big cocks and she likes what they can do for her – inseminate her with lots of warm cum. This hot mom is really into creampies, so she lures this hung fucker back to her place with the old “broken down car” trick.

He happily accompanies the curvy lady and ends up fucking that hot pussy into next week. Not only that, he shoves his fat cock deep inside Vanessa Vidal’s tight milf ass. He gives her the anal sex experience of her life, then blow his creampie right up in there. Damn, this woman is a piece of cougar ass if I ever saw one…and the anal sex is on fire!

Blond Milf Gets Inseminated

This woman is a total milf hottie, and her natural suburban soccer mom looks makes her all the more enticing, if you ask me. Darryl Hannah is a tall, curvy goddess of milfy perfection. She’s got a great bubbly ass that looks so hot while she’s bouncing around on a cock. Another thing about Darryl Hannah is that the lady likes to take creampies in her pussy. She loves the feel of all that cum inside her…and she loves to squeeze it out and let it drip slowly onto the floor.

This is exactly my kind of woman. In this milf creampie video over at Cougars and Cream, Darryl takes a major fucking by a guy with a huge cock. He loads her full of his cum and she gets off on it big time. Don’t miss this free video trailer, because this lady is on fire!

Wet Creampie For Friday

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Anybody who doesn’t know who Friday is should really ask themselves if they qualify as a milf porn fan. This sexy and very curvy suburban mom got into the crazy world of internet porn so that she could fulfill her deep sexual desires, desires that her wimpy husband just couldn’t handle. Now, Friday is having the time of her life taking massive cocks in her tight milf pussy and up her round soccer mom ass.

In this video trailer, we get to see Friday get fucked hard and filled with wet cum. She loves pussy creampies, if you hadn’t guessed, and she hates using birth control. This luscious mommy is wild and out-of-control!

Milf Creampie Porn – Diamond Foxxx

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When I first saw Diamond Foxxx in this creampie porn video, I just about came involuntarily. This is one of the hottest milf chicks I’ve seen get creampied in all the time I’ve been watching porn. This gorgeous curvy mom has got me smitten, and I very happily share my bounty with all you guys.

Diamond is an upscale, classy milf babe who loves to pickup guys and bring them back to her house, where she seduces them (not terribly hard to do, I would imagine) and gets their stiff dicks in her hot mom pussy. She loves the feeling of hard cock in her pussy, but what really gets her off is when they cum inside her. The feeling of a warm, sloppy creampie in her mature twat is enough to get her cumming like it’s the end of the world.

Diamond admits she never uses birth control and doesn’t even care. She says the thrill of the unprotected creampie is all she cares about! We’re dealing with a total milf slut here. I think I like it!

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Hot Soccer Mom Victoria Valentino

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This hot mom is not your typical suburban soccer mom, unless the typical soccer mom loves to get fucked up the ass and take gobs and gobs of cum in her unprotected pussy. Victoria Valentino has got a serious kink and I think you’re going to like it. She loves to get pounded in her milfy pussy and take hot cum inside. She doesn’t give a fuck about birth control either, she just loves taking the risk! Creampies have become her obsession.

In this video over at Cougars and Cream, Victoria gets a big cock stuffed in her face, which she slurps down like sex-hungry soccer mom she is. She then gets the stuffing pounded out of her sexy milf cunt and takes a copious amount of warm ball batter in her pussy.

Was Victoria Valentino on birth control when she did this video? Just watch the pleasure on her face when he cums inside her and you’ll know the answer!

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Rachel Love’s Milf Creampie

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Big honking tits on a curvy blond milf make me want launch my semen into orbit. I’ve been known to lose myself in the bounty of big juicy milf boobs before, and a few times I’ve even blown my load of cum while titfucking such gorgeous things (I know, I know – sacrilege!). Rachel Love has got a fantastic set of juicy tits that would awe any red blooded male. And her curvy milf body is something that you just want to cum in.

Rachel is in this video to take a hard and deep fucking, which leads to the insemination of her hot milf twat. This guy really pumps her pussy before leaving his load of jizz deep inside her vagina. That depth doesn’t keep it from dripping right out, though, as we get to see that messy creampie pour out of her sexy snatch.

Rachel Love is a gorgeous piece of milf ass that is a joy to be seen getting creampied. I don’t think I’m going to be cumming right again for a few weeks after this one.

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Exotic Latina Milf Claudia Valentine

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I once fucked a super sexy latina milf on a cruise once that made my balls ache for days afterward (because of the sex, not the VD). Her curvy body and fabulously juicy round ass really turned me on big time. I pumped that hot bald cooter of hers and left her a special gift of warm, gooey cum that she’d never forget.

Claudia Valentine reminds me of that latina hottie and her gorgeous body makes me just as stiff. Claudia admits that she could never orgasm when she was younger – before she was initiated into the depraved world of risky creampie sex. Now, she cums like a hurricane on speed when a man dumps his hot load of creamy cum inside her wet milf pussy.

You’ve got to see this sexy latina milf hit the rafters when she gets her deep pussy drilling. That creamy ending really made her day.

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Blond Milf Creampie

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Oh boy, do I love blond milfs. These women, with their golden locks and sexy curvy bodies, just make me go nuts with lust. Diana Doll is such a hot mom, and her golden hair and tight suburban body are really a serious turn-on for me.  Diana has got a secret that she’s been keeping from her lawyer husband which she is now revealing to the whole world – she loves creampies.

Not only does Diana love creampies, she loves risky creampies! She doesn’t use birth control and she says she gets off like nobody’s business when a man inseminates her tight milf pussy. Very naughty lady, and her true naughtiness definitely comes out in this porn video over at Cougars and Cream.

She gets her gorgeous pussy fucked nice and deep by a big cock, then she gets her sweet kitty filled with loads and loads of warm jizz. You can tell she’s orgasming multiple times, she really loves it!

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Hot Milf Slut Vannah Sterling

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This is a woman who’s got some serious physical assets that I really like. Vannah Sterling is a curvy milf slut with a totally gorgeous set of big tits that make me so horny, it’s not pretty. Her big round ass is also a featured attraction on the horny mom. That massive booty is big and juicy and hungry for some thick cock.

Vannah loves getting a good anal fucking, which she gets a whole lot of in this porn video, but she really loves getting drilled deep in her milf pussy and inseminated by warm cum. She says she can’t really help it, that it’s an addiction she developed while having an affair with her chiropractor. He would fuck her hard, then give her a nice wet creampie in her pussy every time. She got so aroused by the risk, she needs it that way all the time!

In this porn video, Vannah takes so much cum in her milfy pussy that it drips out like a damn tap! Get ready to blow some serious loads if you’re into milf creampies.

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Kayla Synz – Milf Creampie

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Every time I see a sexy short-haired blond milf, I just get a huge boner in my shorts. I see them all the time at the supermarket pushing carts around and looking all fuckable. I always imagine what it would be like to stick my cock inside their hot pussies and blow a messy creampie right up there.

Kayla Synz is exactly the kind of hot milf soccer mom I’m talking about. Her short blond hair really turns me on, and that sexy suburban body just makes my dick ache. This milf is quite the slut, apparently, judging from how much she loves strange men cumming inside her wet and horny pussy.

She got together with the dudes at Cougars and Cream for a sizzling creampie porn video that will totally blow you away. Watching that tight milf pussy get pumped and inseminated with lots of warm cum is extremely satisfying. You’ve got to check this one out because Kayla Synz is one choice piece of milf ass.

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